List of participants

Below registered and approved programme participants are listed. Registered participants have the opportunity to view other participant's project and contact information via

Name Title University
Kemal Avican PhD student Umeå University
Wael Bahnan Postdoc Umeå University
Sarp Bamyaci PhD student Umeå University
Jean Baptiste Ndahetuye PhD student Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
caroline Bäreclev PhD student umeå university
Mauricio Barrientos-Somarribas PhD student Karolinska Institutet
Katrin Beilharz Postdoc Uppsala University
Johan Bengtsson-Palme Postdoc University of Gothenburg
Björn Berglund Postdoc Linköping University
Helena Bergsten PhD student Karolinska Institutet
Valentina Bernasconi PhD student Goteborg Unversity
Volker Berndt PhD student Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, DE
Sonja Bialowas PhD student Linköping University
Olivia Borg PhD student Uppsala University
Frideborg Bradley PhD student Karolinska Institutet
Clara Braian PhD student Linköping University
Eleni Bratanis PhD student Lund University
emilio bueno Postdoc Umea university
Daniel Butler PhD student Lund University
Ramón Cervantes-Rivera Postdoc Umeå University
Jakob Cervin PhD student Gothenburg University, Sahlgrenska Academy
Gurdeep Chahal PhD student Gothenburg University
Naresh Chandra PhD student Umeå University
Yashuan Chao PhD student Lund University
Haris Charalampos Antypas PhD student Karolinska Institutet