List of participants

Below registered and approved programme participants are listed. Registered participants have the opportunity to view other participant's project and contact information via

Name Title University
Yashuan Chao PhD student Lund University
Haris Charalampos Antypas PhD student Karolinska Institutet
Erika Chenais PhD student Swedish University of Agricultural Science
Rajdeep Choudhury Postdoc Umeå University
Daniel Christoph Müller Postdoc Umeå University
Cajsa Classon PhD student Karolinska Institutet
Maarten Coorens Postdoc Karolinska Institutet
Elisa Crisci Postdoc Linköping University
Selma Dahmane Postdoc Umea
Therese de Neergaard PhD student Lund University
Tobias Depke PhD student Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research
Andy Dernstedt PhD student Umeå University
Priya Devi PhD student Uppsala University
Valerie Diane Valeriano Postdoc Umeå University
Marylise Duperthuy Postdoc Umeå university
Duc Duy Vo Postdoc Umeå University
Chinmay Dwibedi PhD student Umeå University
Ievgen Dzhygyr PhD student Umea University
Stefan Ebmeyer PhD student Gothenburg University
Alicia Edin PhD student Umeå University
Hannes Eichner PhD student Karolinska Institutet
Viktor Ek PhD student Uppsala University
Sofie Ekestubbe PhD student Umeå University
haitham elbir Postdoc Umeå University
Kristina Elfving PhD student University of Gothenburg