List of participants

Below registered and approved programme participants are listed. Registered participants have the opportunity to view other participant's project and contact information via

Name Title University
Marie Nykvist PhD student Uppsala Universitet
Philipp Ochtrop PhD student Umeå University
Melanie Oelker PhD student Umeå University
Pontus Öhlund PhD student Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Hélène Omer Postdoc Umeå Universitet
Ajibola Omokanye PhD student University of Gothenburg
Vanissa Ong Postdoc Umea University
Karin Önnheim Postdoc Gothenburg
Kristina Osbjer PhD student Department of Clinical Sciences
Médea Padra PhD student University of Gothenburg
Martin Palm PhD student University of Gothenburg
Christos Panayiotou Postdoc Umeå University
Anuj Pathak Postdoc Karolinska Institutet
Marianela Patzi Churqui PhD student University of Gothenburg
Magnus Paulsson PhD student Lund
Dimitra Peirasmaki PhD student Uppsala University
Linn Persson PhD student Gothenburg
Sandra Persson PhD student Lund University
Frida Petersson PhD student Lund University
Lisa Pettersson Postdoc Umeå
Aleksandra Pettke PhD student Karolinska Institutet
Lukas Pinkert PhD student Leibnitz Universität Hannover
Monika Popp PhD student TU Braunschweig
Christian Pou Gonzalez Postdoc Karolinska Institutet
Marjo Puumalainen Postdoc Karolinska Institutet