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Promotion of NDPIA thesis defences

NDPIA would like to promote and publish upcoming thesis defences of participants as news posts at Therefore, NDPIA PhD studets are strongly encouraged to provide with information on their upcoming defence (university, title, name of opponent, date, time, venue and a short text in English describing the main findings), preferentially a couple of weeks before the defence will take place.

Links to published information on thesis defences of NDPIA members are listed below.

170601 Christian Spoerry (UmU) on "Streptococcal Immunoglobulin degrading Enzymes"

170131 Chandan Pal (GU) on "Effects of biocides and metals on antibiotic resistance"

161216 Charlotta Eriksson (GU) on "Herpes simples virus infection"

161122 Osama Ahmed Hassan Ahmed (UmU) on “Rift Valley Fever prevention and control"

161118 Maria Furberg (UmU) on "Increased seroprevalence of tularemia in Northern Sweden"