Travel and accommodation support

Guidelines for NDPIA co-funding of travel and accommodation costs for participation in activities announced at

Programme participants in Sweden will receive co-funding for travel and accommodation costs to participate in activities announced via NDPIA if this is requested before the activity takes place and if the activity is not held at the participan's own university. Please note that no co-funding for travel costs is considered for travels within the Stockholm/Uppsala region. The co-funding will be obtained after the activity has taken place. All NDPIA participants should handle their travel/accommodation arrangements according to the normal routines at the respective department/university. Co-funding will be paid to the participants´ employer/university/project and not directly to the participant. Therefore it is preferred that participants do not pay for tickets/accommodation personally, but that the university travel agent is used for booking and paying the costs. In order to be reimbursed for personal travel/accommodation costs regular travel claim at the department/university must first be made. Co-funding from NDPIA to relevant project can then be received after providing copies of costs and of the approved travel claim together with the form mentioned below. All costs should be reported without VAT. In any case, as stated above, the local regulations for business trips at your home university (or similar) should be followed.

Participants afilliated at international collaborators can join activities organized by NDPIA for free and will receive free accommodation to participate in the chosen activity. No co-funding for travel costs is considered in this case.

After applying for co-funding at relevant NDPIA event page, participants will receive confirmation of co-funding and requests for receiving the actual funding should be made after the activity has taken place by using one of the forms below (to be sent to

Form to be used by NDPIA participants not working at Umeå University
(Please note – form updated 180823!)

Form to be used by NDPIA participants working at Umeå University

The support will be based on a co-funding principle to allow support to as many participants as possible and to stimulate keeping down costs (actual costs have to be verified).

Link to information with respect to NDPIA co-funding after participating in EMBL/EMBO activities
(Please note – form updated 180823!)

Travel support

Travel via train/one flight (including return trip)
Up to 1500 SEK

Travel longer distances (two flights/sleeper train, including return trip)
Up to 2000 SEK

Accommodation support (link to tips on accommodation)

Up to 1000 SEK per night

Example 1.

Participant from Lund at a five-day course in Stockholm:

Travel 1500 SEK, accommodation 5000 SEK, total co-funding up to 6500 SEK.

Example 2.

Participant from Göteborg at a three-day course in Umeå:

Travel 2000 SEK, accomodation 3000 SEK, total co-funding up to 5000 SEK.