List of participants

Below registered and approved programme participants are listed. Registered participants have the opportunity to view other participant's project and contact information via

Name Title University
Lena-Mari Tamminen PhD student Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Marianna Tampere PhD student Karolinska Institutet
Ka-Wei Tang PhD student University of Gothenburg
Venkata Veera Ramesh Tati Postdoc Lund University
Johanna Tauriainen Postdoc Karolinska Institutet
Raquel Tavares PhD student Stockholm University
Nelson Tembe PhD student Karolinska Institute
Erik Tenland PhD student Lund
Manuela Terrinoni PhD student Göteborg university
Staffan Tevell PhD student Örebro university
EDVIN THANIKKAL Postdoc Umeå University
John Thegerström PhD student Lund University
Sigrun Thorsdottir PhD student Karolinska Institute
Elisabeth Thulin PhD student Uppsala University
Anna Thunström Salzer PhD student Umeå University
Emeli Torsson PhD student Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Pham Tue Hung Tran PhD student Örebro University
Sophie Tronnet Postdoc Umea
Jonas Tverring PhD student Lund University
Janne Tynell Postdoc Karolinska Institutet
Julia Uhlmann PhD student Karolinska Institute
Arunkumar Upadhyay PhD student Umea University
Pia Uusitalo PhD student Umeå University
Muriel van Teeseling Postdoc Umeå University
Helena Vandesande PhD student Linnaeus University