List of participants

Below registered and approved programme participants are listed. Registered participants have the opportunity to view other participant's project and contact information via

Name Title University
Helena Vandesande PhD student Linnaeus University
Marine Vandewalle-Capo Postdoc Umeå University
Sindhu Vangeti PhD student Karolinska Institutet
Goutham Vansarla PhD student Lund university
Vallo Varik PhD student Umeå University
Renata Varnaite PhD student Karolinska Institutet
Svitlana Vdovikova PhD student Umeå University
Marta Veses Garcia Postdoc KTH
Katarina Vielfort PhD student Umeå
Petra Virtanen PhD student Uppsala University
Joanna von Hofsten PhD student Göteborgs Universitet
Astrid von Mentzer PhD student University of Gothenburg
Kirstin Vonderstein PhD student Umeå
Theresa Wagner PhD student University of Tromsø, Norway
Marcus Wäneskog PhD student Uppsala Universitet
Helen Wang Postdoc Umeå University
Hao Wang PhD student University of Gothenburg
Gabriela Wassing PhD student Stockholm University
Anna Werinder PhD student Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Florian Witzgall PhD student Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research
Marcin Wlodarczyk Postdoc University of Linkoping
Marie Wrande Postdoc Uppsala University
Ferdinand. X Choong PhD student Karolinska Institutet
Jie Xu Postdoc Linköping University
Kavita Yadav Postdoc Uppsala University