PhD students and postdocs active in research on infections and antibiotics enrolled at Swedish universities or at international partners are welcome to register to the National Doctoral Programme in Infections and Antibiotics (NDPIA).

The programme does not have any mandatory activities. Participants will gain access to a national network focusing on infections and antibiotics, with the possibility to apply for travel and accommodation support for programme activities not provided at the home university.

Only your name and university will be displayed publicly on the web page. Project title, project description and photo (optional) will only be displayed for registered participants of the programme via a log in function. The other requested information will not be displayed at all.

Please make sure your password has a strength of “Medium” since your registration will be not processed otherwise. After having submitted your registration you should receive a confirmation of this via e-mail (please look in your junk mail folder if no confirmation appears in your in-box). If no confirmation is received, please try to register again or contact

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    The password must have a minimum strength of Medium.
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  • Registration documents

  • Upload Please provide a one-page description of your research project(s) in English.
  • Upload Please provide a short CV in English or Swedish (English is preferred, but is not a requirement).
  • Upload Please provide a certificate of PhD student registration or of post doc contract with your university (i.e. documents verifying you are employed as PhD student or post doc)
  • Upload Please provide a letter of support from your main supervisor or group leader (with respect to participating in the programme). No formal letter is required, a few sentences in a scanned e-mail from the relevant person is enough. For a template, please see:
  • Upload Please provide a photo of yourself
  • Umeå University will be the “controller of personal data” (personuppgiftsansvarig) and your data will only be processed for administrative purposes (i.e. to include you in our register of participants). We will not forward your information to a third party. For more information visit Please check the box for agreeing to these terms and conditions.