Save the dates for upcoming NDPIA activities autumn 2018!

Network meeting and opportunity to present your research at SFM/NDPIA Day 181001-02 at Hjortviken/Gothenburg – link to additional information

Course/workshop on ”Live imaging of intracellular infections” 181112-16 in Linköping – link to additional information

Extensive course on antibiotics/antibiotics resistance mechanisms 181126-30 at Hjortviken/Gothenburg with leading international researchers invited as teachers – link to additional information

NDPIA course “Mosquito-borne viruses and their vectors” 180611-14 in Umeå

The aim of this 2 ECTS NDPIA course in Umeå is to provide in depth understanding of virus-vector interaction and transmission dynamics of mosquito-borne viruses.
It will provide better understanding of mosquitoes as vectors of arboviruses most of which are zoonotic in nature and affect both humans and animals. The course will include various aspects of the mosquito vector including; ecology, biology, population genetics, competence, capacity and how these factors influence virus transmission to the susceptible host. The course will also cover surveillance, identification, diagnostics, prevention and control, as well as arboviruses.

Registration deadline: 180430

Link to additional information and registration

Local NDPIA network meeting/workshop “Preparing for the next step” in Uppsala 180215

The meeting is intended to increase local networking among NDPIA members in Uppsala (UU/SLU/SLV/SVA) and to attract new NDPIA members, i.e. PhD students and postdocs focusing on infection and/or antibiotics. If the outcome is positive, similar NDPIA-activities will be organized at other universities.

In addition to information about NDPIA there will be a workshop that will help to identify your attributes and how to use these to fit a job description, key elements to be addressed in a job application, including CV and cover letter and how to prepare yourself and your presentation for the interview. The workshop will include group discussions and writing exercises.

Link to additional information about the workshop (2 pages)

Venue: Uppsala University, Biomedical Centre (C8:317)
Date and Time: Thursday, Feb 15th 2018, 13:00-16:00
Workshop leader: Showgy Ma’ayeh (PhD)

Registration: via e-mail to
(please state your name, position and affiliation)

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