Thesis defence by Christian Spoerry (UmU) on “Streptococcal Immunoglobulin degrading Enzymes”, 1 June 2017

Christian Spoerry (Umeå University, Dept. of Molecular Biology) will defend his thesis entitled "Streptococcal Immunoglobulin degrading Enzymes of the IdeS and IgdE Family" 1 June 2017 at 1 p.m. Venue: Major Groove, Building 6L, Norrlands Universitetssjukhus.

Opponent: Professor Heiko Herwald, Dept. of Clinical Sciences, Division of Infection Medicine, Biomedical Center (BMC), Lund University, Sweden

​Bacteria of the genus Streptococcus are common asymptomatic colonisers of humans and animals. As opportunistic pathogens they can however, depending on their host’s immune status and other circumstances, cause mild to very severe infections. Streptococci are highly intertwined with specific host species, but can also cause zoonosis or anthroponosis in more uncommon hosts. Prolonged and reoccurring infections require immune evasion strategies to circumvent detection and eradication by the host’s immune defence. A substantial part of the immune defence against bacterial pathogens is mediated by immunoglobulins. This thesis is based on work to identify and characterise immunoglobulin degrading enzymes secreted by different Streptococcus species as a means to sabotage and evade antibody-mediated immune responses.

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Meet leading international infection biology researchers in Umeå 170619-20!

Registration is open for the symposium “Infection Research to Meet Current and Future Challenges” in Umeå 19 June 2017 featuring the following internationally renowned researchers: Philippe Sansonetti, Bonnie Bassler, Daniel Portnoy, Stewart Cole, Elaine Toumanen, Scott Hultgren, Peter Sarnow, Emmanuelle Charpentier.

NDPIA members who present posters at the symposium are invited to participate in NDPIA networking activities 19-20 June including free accommodation in Umeå 170618-20. At a Meet the Speakers workshops 20 June several of the invited speakers of 19 June will chair round table discussions with NDPIA members.

Link to additional information about and registration to events 19-20 June.

Registration deadline 21 May, 2017

NDPIA course “Molecular and Marine Virology” in Smögen 21-23 August

A 1 ECTS course focusing on molecular and marine virology will be held 21-23 August in Smögen, prior to the Smögen Symposium on Virology (24-26 August). The aim of the course is to provide a broad and in-depth knowledge of different areas of virology. Senior Swedish and international researchers will give lectures spanning a wide array of fields, such as marine virology, pathogenesis, evolution, emerging viruses and new antiviral therapies. The course will also include poster sessions where participants can communicate their research, time for group discussions and networking activities.

Reduced registration fee for NDPIA members:
Single room – 2700 SEK, Shared double room – 1500 SEK

Link to additional information about the course and how to register

Registration deadline: 4 June, 2017

Link to information about the Smögen Symposium on Virology 2017

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