NDPIA course on “Microbial Immune Evasion” in Lund/Malmö 7-9 December

This 1.5 ECTS NDPIA course given in Lund/Malmö 161207-09 aims to provide an overview of the complex network of interactions between the human host and different microbes. The lectures will cover “immune evasion” from both the host’s and the pathogen’s point of view. Invited speakers will present ongoing research in the field of microbial immune-modulating mechanisms and give attendants deeper insight in methods and techniques that are useful for research within the field.

NDPIA emphasizes the importance to meet and discuss with other researchers within the field. Therefore, several networking activities are included in the course program and a free, informal dinner with invited speakers and course attendants will end day one.

Registration deadline: 7 November 2016

Link to additional information and registration

New 1+1 ECTS NDPIA course on zoonotic infections in Uppsala 161024-27!

A new NDPIA course on zoonotic infections will be organized at Uppsala University 24-27 October 2016. The course will provide a broad view of zoonotic bacterial (1 ECTS) and parasitic (1 ECTS) infections and touch upon epidemiological and molecular mechanisms of zoonotic infections. It will also provide a platform for informal meetings for researchers in the field of zoonotic infections.

Registration deadline: 7 October, 2016.

Link to additional information and registration

Networking via new NDPIA LinkedIn Group!

As a result from feed-back from participants at the second NDPIA Network Meeting in Gothenburg in April this year, an open NDPIA LinkedIn group (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8522449) has been established with the aim of facilitating networking among NDPIA participants and between NDPIA members and other scientists studying infections and/or antibiotics. All NDPIA members have received an invitation to join this new LinkedIn group. Everybody who joins the group can invite relevant (non-NDPIA) persons to the group. Initially no activities will be announced via the group (this is done as before via www.ndpia.se and via the NDPIA Facebook group).

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