Swedish partner universities and institutes

The NDPIA programme links the infection and antibiotic research environments of the Swedish universities and institutes listed below into a network that contributes to an advanced training programme that promotes scientific research and the recruitment of young scientists to this research area.

The focuses within infection and antibiotics research for the partner universities and institutes are summarized below. Detailed information about each university and institute is accessible via the links below.

Region University Focus areas
Göteborg GU/Chalmers vaccinology, host response, microbiota, antibiotic resistance
Linköping/Kalmar/Örebro LiU, Lnu, ÖU virology, host response, macrophages, tuberculosis
Lund/Malmö LU/MAH host response, inflammation, structural biology
Stockholm KI/KTH/SU host-pathogen interactions, microbiota, antibiotic resistance,
innate immune responses, vaccine, drugs, nanoscience
Umeå UmU/SLU molecular infection medicine, metabolomics,
chemical biology/drug screening
Uppsala UU/SLU/SLV/SVA antibiotic resistance, drug pharmacology, zoonoses