Additional doctoral courses

Some Swedish universities provide course catalogues for their doctoral courses. One also provides information specifically for Life Science courses. Relevant links are listed below together with application periods/deadlines. Normally host university paricipants have priority, but if there are vacancies also participants from other universities can be admitted. Please contact the course organizer directly if you are interested in “off-campus courses”. If the information is outdated, switch to the Swedish page at the specific university and perhaps you can find more up to date information. If you know of additional relevant course sites, please e-mail and they will be included below.

Karolinska Institutet
Deadlines 16 May and 16 November

Linköping University
Deadlines: 18 May and 17 November

Lund University
Applications 1-31/5

Umeå University
Medical Faculty:
Deadlines: 20 May and 1 December
Faculty of Science and Technology:

University of Gothenburg
Applications 1-21 April and 1-21 October