Positions/Fellowships announced in Sweden at NDPIA Partner Institutes

Below separately announced positions related to infection biology can be found. If you know of additional relevant positions please inform eva-maria.diehl@umu.se about this.

Postdoc in T cell systems biology (Johan Henriksson’s lab) at MIMS; (no deadline)
Link: http://www.mims.umu.se/jobs-fellowships/1939-postdoc-henriksson-lab.html

Postdoc in Structural Biology (Jonas Barandun’s lab) at MIMS; (no deadline)
Link: http://www.mims.umu.se/jobs-fellowships/1911-postdoc-barandun-lab.html

1 PhD Opportunity – 2 Postdocs – Diet, gut microbiota mucosal barrier function (Björn Schröder’s lab) (no deadline) at MIMS
Link: http://www.mims.umu.se/jobs-fellowships/1936-phd-postdoc-schroeder-lab.html

Postdocs in Microbiology, Chemometrics and Analytical Chemistry (Felipe Cava’s lab) at MIMS (no deadline)
Link: http://www.mims.umu.se/jobs-fellowships/1935-postdocs-cavalab.html

Postdoc opportunity in molecular genetics of human intestinal Bacteroidetes (Group of David Cisneros) at MIMS (no deadline)
Link: http://www.mims.umu.se/jobs-fellowships/1940-postdoc-cisneros.html

Postdoc project – Drug Discovery and Cell-Autonomous Immunity (Barbara Sixt’s lab) at MIMS, no deadline)
Link: http://www.mims.umu.se/jobs-fellowships/1907-postdoc-project-drug-discovery-and-cell-autonomous-immunity.html