Connect & network


NDPIA has an X account (@NDPIAprogramme) that course organizers can use in order to promote upcoming NDPIA activities.

NDPIA members are encouraged to follow the account, retweet messages and use #NDPIA to spread more information within the community on news such as published papers, prizes/awards and information on open positions.

NDPIA LinkedIn group

An open NDPIA LinkedIn group has been established with the aim of facilitating networking among NDPIA participants and between NDPIA members and other scientists studying infections and/or antibiotics.

Everybody who joins the group can invite relevant (non-NDPIA) persons to the group. Initially no activities will be announced via the group (this is done as before via and via the NDPIA Facebook group).

NDPIA Alumni Group

The NDPIA Alumni group consists of former NDPIA members that are no longer PhD students or postdocs at Swedish (or NDPIA partner) universities. As an NDPIA Alumni, you can edit your profile here. The intention is to arrange NDPIA Alumni reunions with invited speakers, Alumni speakers and networking opportunities. These events will also be open for current NDPIA members to facilitate further networking and lessons learned.

Click here to get to the full list of NDPIA Alumni.