Invitation to the Nordic EMBL Partnership Conference, 22-25 September

All NDPIA members have been invited to the Nordic EMBL Partnership Conference on 22-25 September!

Are you interested to think about how your infection research is related to the broader picture and latest trends in molecular medicine?

As some of you may know, Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS) is an institute that forms part of a broader Nordic Partnership for Molecular Medicine with the European Molecular Biology Institute in Heidelberg. This year their annual partnership conference is organised as an online event.

We are inviting you to actively participate in our meeting. If you have a broad interest in molecular medicine and would like to understand how your infection research fits into the bigger picture, our conference offers an opportunity to participate in four exciting scientific sessions covering big, cross-cutting themes of current research in the medical sciences.

Our online conference will take place in the afternoons of 22-25 September 2020.

We offer free registration to NDPIA members and have reserved a limited number of poster slots, which we expect participants to use to present their research to a broad international audience.

For more details on our fantastic speakers and to register, please visit the conference webpage:  It is important you mention NDPIA as affiliation when registering.

Registration is planned to remain open until September 10th unless we run out of capacity. However, we recommend you register soon to secure a poster slot.

Here you can submit abstracts for the meeting in September directly:

You need to use this link, because on the conference website, abstract submission for poster presentations is closed now.

The four scientific sessions will address emerging research topics in Molecular Medicine, ranging from:

  1. simple to complex disease models,
  2. microbes to mind,
  3. genetic associations to mechanisms,
  4. biological to artificial neural networks.

If you have questions or remarks regarding the conference, please contact us (Nóra Lehotai,  or Dominik Fischer,

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Oliver Billker & Maria Fällman on behalf of
Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden