Live imaging of intracellular infections – NDPIA course/workshop in Linköping 181112-16

This NDPIA course/workshop in Linköping 12-16 November 2018 will provide an in depth understanding of intracellular, bacterial pathogens inside the host cell and the microbial and cellular factors contributing to the fate of infection. Emphasis will among other things be put on methods and assays used in research and drug discovery for intracellular pathogens.

The course will contain lectures, workshops and practicals and is based on the knowledge and experience of invited speakers, the course leaders and importantly, the course attendees performing research on various intracellular bacteria.

The course will be held in collaboration with Essen Biosciences who is marketing IncuCyte®, an instrument for high content live imaging, a technology which attendees will be introduced to.

Course leaders and contact persons: Maria Lerm, Linköping University ( and Christer Larsson, Umeå University (

Registration will open as soon as possible and will be advertised on