All upcoming & ongoing courses

Please see a list of upcoming and ongoing courses below. Here we list both NDPIA hosted courses and externally hosted courses offered to NDPIA members.

Don’t forget that NDPIA members may apply for co-funding to support travel and accommodation costs to participate in national activities announced via NDPIA when the activity is held at a university other than their own university.

Upcoming courses

Molecular Virology and Pathogenesis Course
Mon, 19 August, 2024 - Wed, 21 August, 2024
Smögens Hafvsbad

Visualize Your Science - Autumn 2024
Tue, 10 September, 2024 - Thu, 14 November, 2024

Microbiota and Health 2024
Mon, 7 October, 2024 - Fri, 11 October, 2024
Stora Brännbo

Ongoing courses

Full Access to Nature Masterclasses On-demand Platform
Mon, 2 October, 2023 - Tue, 1 October, 2024

Visualize Your Science - Summer 2024
Tue, 7 May, 2024 - Fri, 23 August, 2024

Cancelled courses
No Courses
Doctoral courses hosted by partner universities

NDPIA partner universities provide course catalogues for their doctoral courses. We have gathered a list of courses relevant to NDPIA members.

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