Extensive course on antibiotics/antibiotics resistance mechanisms 181126-30 at Hjortviken/Gothenburg with leading international researchers invited as teachers

An NDPIA course on antibiotics/antibiotics resistance mechanisms will be organised 181126-30 in collaboration with the Norwegian National Graduate School in Infections and Antibiotics (IBA; http://www.ibaschool.no).

The course will provide a unique opportunity to both get hard core knowledge on antibiotics and resistance mechanism and to meet and interact with leading international researchers and young colleagues that will become the future research leaders in this important area of research.

The course is open to 20 participants from NDPIA and IBA respectively, and participants will be selected from PhD students and postdocs performing research on antibiotics and resistance mechanisms.

The course will be held at Hjortviken Konferens close to the Gothenburg airport Landvetter.

Registration will open as soon as the programme is finalised and will be advertised on www.ndpia.se.