AI Applications in Infection Biology Course 2024

Infection biology explores the complex relationship between hosts and pathogens that often leads to disease. Infectious diseases are a leading cause of death globally. With the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), powerful tools are now available to analyze and to interpret complex biological data to enhance our understanding and combating of infectious diseases. 

Course Details

Time and Place:
20-24 May 2024 at Rånäs Slott in Rånäs, Sweden

How to apply:
  1. Fill out the booking form at the bottom of this page (you need to log in to see it) and submit your letter of support by March 18
  2. Submit your abstract by April 8

Poster abstract submission:
All attendees are required to submit an abstract and to present a poster at the course. Only abstracts following this template will be accepted.

Submit your abstract here. Deadline: April 8, 2024.

PhD students and postdocs

Suggested ECTS:
2 ECTS. This must be discussed with your University. You will receive a certificate stating the suggested ECTS, your attendance and the workload.

Course Summary

This course introduces participants to AI methods used to predict disease outbreaks, to predict antibiotic resistance of pathogens, to survey pathogens and antibiotic resistance in the environment, to decipher host-pathogen interactions, to aid the development of new antimicrobials and to use AI responsibly. In addition, three workshops are given that focus on the AlphaFold AI system, SIAMCAT metagenomic data analysis and scientific automation.

The course is designed for young researchers, either infection biologists seeking to understand AI and its use within infection biology or an AI enthusiast curious about AI applications in infection biology. The participants will present and discuss their research in poster sessions and network with the lecturers and participants. The number of participants is limited to 30.

Have a look at the preliminary schedule.

Costs and Co-funding for Travel

The course, full board and travel are free of charge for NDPIA PhD students and postdoc members who participate in all activities. Associate members can attend the course, but need to cover their own travel and board (11 500 SEK).

Please do not make any travel arrangements before receiving confirmation of admittance. Before booking your travel, you should read the NDPIA guidelines for co-funding of travel costs.

In Case of Oversubscription

If the course is oversubscribed, PhD students are prioritized. Priority will also be given to applicants in relation to how relevant it is for the applicant to participate in the course based on the topic of the personal research project and their motivation in the application form. We are also aiming for an even distribution of participants from different research groups and universities.

Cancellation Policy

The registration for this course is binding, and you are required to join the full five days to register. Cancellation of participation is free of charge until March 20 However, from March 21 a cancellation fee of SEK 11 500 (cost for the full board at Rånäs Slott) will be applied.

Upon application/registration, please upload this document from your supervisor confirming that your supervisor is aware of your participation and cancellation fee. If the course vacancy can be filled from a back-up list, the cancellation fee may be waived.


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