Cellular Imaging and Confocal Techniques – Theory

There are some vacancies at this 1.5 ECTS course at KI focusing on different methods for microscopic imaging, with an emphasis on fluorescence and confocal techniques. Techniques for imaging of fixed preparations as well as live cell imaging of dynamic processes will also be covered.

Detailed information about the course

Preliminary schedule

Please note that PhD students in KI collaboration programmes such as the MIMS affiliated Doctoral Programme in Infections and Antibiotics are considered equal to KI PhD students when selecting participants if the activities are oversubscribed (link to information about this at KI).

Please send late applications (including short motivation of why this course is relevant to you) to Peter Wallén, Institutionen för neurovetenskap
, 0852486913

If you are admitted to the course you can apply for co-funding of travel/accommodation for participating in the course by filling out the form below.


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