Chemical Proteomics 2018

This course will cover most updated chemical proteomics strategies available for identification and characterization of proteome-wide compound-target interactions and mechanisms of action. The course will show the major approaches that our facility uses to provide identification of drug target(s) and mechanism of action, and to characterize them. The course will also offer research lectures of international level.

Topics will include:

  • Introduction on mass spectrometry-based and quantitative proteomics approaches
  • Data analysis and statistical analysis of quantitative proteomics data
  • Traditional methods of chemical proteomics using molecular baits
  • Modern and unbiased proteomics methods using drug/compound target molecules, by using protein extracts and cultured cells: a) thermal protein profiling (TPP), based on ligand inducted changes of protein thermal stability; b) Functional identification of target by expression proteomics (FITExP), based onto most relevant and specific responses of cell proteome to drug treatment for the identification of targets and potential keys of the drug´s efficacy.
  • Data functional analysis and data interpretation.
  • Elucidation of the interaction interface and mapping of the binding site of a drug with its target protein by Hydrogen/Deuterium (H/D) exchange mass spectrometry (HDX MS).

Course fee 1300 SEK

Application deadline 15 September, 2018

Additional information and registration

When you have been admitted to the course you can apply for NDPIA co-funding of travel and accommodation costs below. No co-funding is considered for the course fee.


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