Life science courses at Lund University autumn 2016

The Center for Molecular Protein Science (CMPS) at Lund University is presenting a package of postgraduate courses in life science. The 3 ECTS courses within the package are intensive full-time hands-on courses with a limited number of participants (approximately eight). All of the courses listed at are considered to fall within the framework of NDPIA:

Protein spectroscopy (5-9 September)
Protein mass spectrometry (12-16 September)
Bioanalytical HPLC (19-23 September)
Live cell imaging (3-7 October)
DNA amplification technology (10-14 October)
Protein and DNA microarray techniques (17-21October)
PYTHON bioinformatics programming (17-21 October)
Microbial flow cytometry (24-28 October)
Confocal laser scanning microscopy (31 October – 4 November)
Biobanking (7-11 November)
Immunocell flow cytometry (14-18 November)
16s rRNA amplicons (21-25 November)
Quantitative PCR (28 November – 2 December)
Proteomic data analysis (5-9 December)
Protein factories (12-16 December)

Application deadline: 31 May 2016 (link to application)

The courses are given annually and are usually very popular. Priority is given to PhD students at Lund University, but also external applicants are welcome. Depending on the interest it might be possible to give the courses more frequently in the future.

If you are interested in any of these courses, please apply (and look for additional information) via the links above. After having been admitted to the course NDPIA members can apply for NDPIA co-funding of travel and accommodation costs by filling out the form below.


Bookings are closed for this event.