NDPIA networking activities

NDPIA members that participate in and present posters at the KAW/KVA symposium Infection Research to Meet Current and Future Challenges in Umeå 19 June 2017 are invited to participate in NDPIA networking activities 19-20 June including free accommodation in Umeå 170618-20 (if not employed in Umeå).

Link to KVA/KAW programme 19 June
Link to KVA/KAW speaker abstracts 19 June

Link to program for NDPIA networking activities 19-20 June.

Confirmed chairs of group discussions at the Meet the Speakers workshop 20 June:
Stewart Cole, Lausanne, Switzerland                        Tuberculosis and leprosy
Scott Hultgren, St. Louis, USA                                        Urinary tract infections
Peter Sarnow, Stanford, USA                                         Hepatitis C virus-host interactions
Philippe Sansonetti, Paris, France                               Colonization of host mucosal surfaces
Elaine Tuomanen, Memphis, USA                                Pathogenesis of Streptococcus pneumonie

At the Meet the Speakers workshops 20 June several of the invited speakers of 19 June will chair round table discussions were NDPIA members have the opportunity to very briefly (3 min) present themselves and discuss their research with speakers and the other workshop participants. Groups of 6-8 NDPIA members per speaker will be announced at the beginning of the workshop.

Registration deadline for NDPIA networking activities 19-20 June: 31 May 2017

Please note that submission of poster title for 19 June for NDPIA members is made via the registration form at the bottom of this page and that a separate registration to the KAW/KVA symposium 19 June is required and is to be made separately and as soon as possible via the link below. Mazimum poster size: 841×1189 mm (width x height).

Link to registration to the KAW/KVA symposium 19 June.

Registration to NDPIA acitivities 19-20 June, information on need of accommodation and application for co-funding of travel costs is done by filling out the form below. Due to shortage of rooms in Umeå 18-20 June, the free accommodation (booked by NDPIA and not by the participant) might consist of shared double rooms (at Hotel Aveny in Umeå) if there are many non-Umeå participants. Single rooms will distributed on a first-come-first-served basis but the distribution of rooms will not be known until after the registration deadline of 31 May.


Bookings are closed for this event.