Network Meeting: Antibiotic Resistance – a One Health Perspective

The first network meeting of the National Doctoral Programme in Infections and Antibiotics will be held in Uppsala 20-21 April, 2015, and focus on antibiotic resistance, including human, animal and environmental perspectives. The meeting will at the same time provide the first larger networking opportunity for programme participants. The meeting is a joint collaboration with One Health Sweden, a framework for researchers with interest in zoonotic infections.

Invited speakers include leading national experts and researchers in antibiotics and resistance mechanisms. Programme participants will give very short presentations of their research projects (1 PowerPoint slide, 2 minutes – irrespective of research focus), complemented by poster presentations. Additional networking opportunities with participants and invited speakers will be provided.

The meeting and accommodation 20-21 April are free of charge for programme participants and all participants outside of Uppsala will receive co-funding of travel costs (if the need for this is indicated in the form below).

An award for the best poster will be provided in the form of a travel grant to be used in a wider context than “regular” NDPIA co-funding.

All programme participants are highly encouraged to attend this and future network meetings in order to establish the intended programme network.

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Meeting venue: Gamla universitetet, hall IV (Universitetshuset)

Late registration open until 19 March, 2015, however please register as soon as possible (via the form below) in order to facilitate meeting logistics.


Bookings are closed for this event.