Protein structure and drug design

This is a 1 ECTS instructive course in protein structure and drug design given at Lund University. Participants will get the opportunity to gain deeper understanding and hands-on knowledge about protein-ligand interactions, compound docking and structure in drug design. Registration deadline – 1 December, 2015.

Overview of course content:
Day 1
Lecture: Protein-ligand interactions and drug design. Structure-based drug design (SBDD): Hit identification, hit optimisation lead generation
Tutorial: In silico screening and compound docking
Day 2
Lecture: Structural aspect of protein synthesis inhibition by antibiotics
Tutorial: Assessment and analysis of docking results

Maximum number of participants: 10

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Requirements for participants:
Basic understanding of protein structure and knowledge of a graphics programmes such as SwissPDB viewer.
See for example for general information on protein structures.

Software for download of SwissPDB viewer and tutorial can be found at

Course leader and contact person
Salam Al-Karadaghi, Dept. of Biochemistry and Structural Biology, Lund University
Phone: 046-2224512

Deadline for registration: 1 December, 2015

Participants of the National Doctoral Programme in Infections and Antibiotics (NDPIA) can register below and have priority to attend the course. Non-NDPIA members: please contact to declare your interest in attending the course.


Bookings are closed for this event.