Zoonotic infections

This 2 ECTS NDPIA course aims to provide a broad view of zoonotic infections and will touch upon both epidemiological and molecular mechanisms of zoonotic infections. The course will also provide a platform for informal meetings for researchers in the field of zoonotic infections, which will foster contacts and collaborations.

One part of the course will focus on zoonotic bacterial infections while the other puts emphasis on zoonotic parasitic infections. Each part consists of two days with 6 seminars and a group project that will be presented at the end of the two days. At the end of day two, there will be an informal mingle with all course attendants with focus on career paths. Each part warrants 1 ECTS. Attendance at seminars and group work is mandatory and presentation of group work will be used for examination. A maximum of 25 participants will be admitted to the course.

Link to preliminary schedule and map

Link to course syllabus

Contact information to local organizers at and the Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology (ICM), Uppsala University:
Sanna Koskiniemi (sanna.koskiniemi@icm.uu.se)
Marie Wrande (marie.wrande@icm.uu.se)
Staffan Svärd (staffan.svärd@icm.uu.se)

Registration deadline: 9 October, 2016.

NDPIA members should register via the form below and non-NDPIA members can apply to the course by sending an e-mail to anna.holmstrom@umu.se and are welcome to participate on a first-come-first served basis if there are vacancies.


Bookings are closed for this event.