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NDPIA PhD students praise networking at and content of the 2018 HZI Summer School in Germany

The Summer School for Infection Research of the Helmholtz Institute (HZI) for Infection Research took place in Wernigerrode, Germany 27-31 May. NDPIA PhD students Hannes Eichner and Harpa Karadottir (both from Karolinska Institutet) participated together with Fredrik Seijsing (Stockholm University) in the event in order to broaden their scientific knowledge and networks and also to strengthen the bond between the two institutions.

The 4-day summer school included lectures and workshops but also excursions into the surrounding area. Virology, bacteriology and immunology were covered extensively but also how clinics work with infectious diseases.

The summer school was an extremely nice experience for which the HZI organised a very diverse programme. Located in a beautiful small city in Germany we arrived during a hot, summery week. This was perfect for the spare time activities that were planned out for us but

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NDPIA/IBA course on Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance outside Gothenburg 26-30 November 2018

A unique intensive course on “Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance” is jointly organised by NDPIA and the National Research School in Infections and Antimicrobials (IBA) 26-30 November, 2018, at Hjortviken Konferens outside Gothenburg. The course features lectures by internationally leading scientists, opportunities for participants to present research in poster walks and ample time for networking. Scientific lectures describing antibiotic resistance from other perspectives focusing on ethics, public awareness and media are also included.

Registration deadline: 17 September 2018

Link to additional information and how to apply/register

NDPIA course on Live Imaging of Intracellular Infections, Linköping 12-16 November, 2018

The NDPIA course “Live Imaging of Intracellular Infections” in Linköping 12-16 November 2018 will provide an in depth understanding of important intracellular, bacterial pathogens inside the host cell and the microbial and cellular factors deciding the outcome of infection. State-of-the art methods and assay development for drug discovery will be covered and the course includes lectures, workshops and practicals with several invited speakers. Participants will be introduced how to use IncuCyte® for high content live imaging of intracellular infections.

Registration deadline: 24 September, 2018

Link to additional information and how to apply/register

Rewarding participation at EMBO course on Microbial Metagenomics

NDPIA member Valerie Diane Valeriano, postdoc at the Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS)/Department of Molecular Biology, Umeå University, participated in the EMBO Practical Course “Microbial Metagenomics: A 360° Approach” at the EMBL Advanced Training Centre, Heidelberg, Germany April 23, 2018 – May 1, 2018.

The intensive 8-day course included both wet lab and computer training and various research perspectives in approaching metagenomics in systems ranging from molecular medicine to ecological studies were combined.

Valerie: “As a researcher involved in the study of antimicrobial gene transmission, the knowledge and awareness of this from a systemic point of view allows a multitude of avenues via which we can prevent the spread of dangerous multidrug resistant pathogens in the environment and also in a food, agricultural and medical context. I can really recommend this course to others as the invited speakers and facilitators came from various backgrounds, greatly widening the understanding and application of metagenomics approaches. Learning more about how to handle huge amounts of data and how to use currently available tools has a great potential to accelerate research objectives.”

NDPIA provide co-funding for members to participating in EMBO/EMBL courses.

Link to additional information about this type of NDPIA co-funding.

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With the aim to facilitate networking among NDPIA participants, a search field has been introduced at the “Extended participants list” page of and it is now possible to search among NDPIA members based on names and keywords. For this feature to become fully useful with respect to keywords, all current NDPIA members are encouraged to enter their own research related/interest specific key words via the “Edit profile” page at New participants are to enter their keywords when they register to the programme.