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Microbiota and Health course 2024 is open for registration!

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In October it is time for the biannual Microbiota and Health course, this time at Stora Brännbo conference center in Sigtuna!

The course gives an overview of human microbiomes in health and disease and discusses methods for microbiome studies and data analysis. The role of microbiome perturbations in host immune dysfunction and chronic diseases and possibilities for microbiome-based therapy are discussed.

In addition, two workshops are given that focus on retrieving, annotating and analysing metabarcoding data in R.

Register today to save a spot, submit abstract by August 8th.

View the preliminary program and registration form here

A free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Vaccinology” from Institut Pasteur Paris

The free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Vaccinology” from Institut Pasteur Paris starts soon !

How has vaccinology evolved in recent years? What are the different steps in vaccine development? How vaccines can be made accessible to the population worldwide?

If you are interested to find out more from several experts in the field, do not hesitate and sign up for this new version of the MOOC here!

By the end of the course, you will be able to:
  • Summarize the basics of vaccinology.
  • Define vaccine design and the clinical steps required to develop a vaccine.
  • Describe recent vaccines that have been developed.
  • Discuss how to improve vaccine coverage for available vaccines.
  • Explain the challenges ahead learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The MOOC will run from from May 14th until July 10th, 2024. It is recorded in English, with French and English subtitles. Once registered, you can follow it at your own pace and still watch the videos after the end of the broadcasting. Registration is completely free, with an option to take a short exam and receive a certificate for a small fee. This course is also part of the Institut Pasteur Online Diploma of Infectious Diseases (DNM2IP).

You can find more details about the MOOC and the registration link here.

Vaccine to Vaccination: from Science to Society

We would like to invite you to the course “Vaccine to Vaccination: from Science to Society”, organized together with the International Vaccine Institute .

Established in 2000, IVI’s International Vaccinology Course (IVC) is one of the longest-running vaccinology courses in Asia, and since 2023 it has been run in collaboration with the Karolinska Institute. This year we count with a third location in Kigali, Rwanda adding to our collective goal of providing a global perspective on the impact of vaccine development.

Through lectures from renown international experts, quizzes and case studies the attendants will learn the basics of vaccinology and the process of creating vaccines: how they are developed, tested, regulated, and approved.

The course will run 2-6 September 2024 and will take place at ANA Futura on campus Huddinge (Stockholm Area). Lectures will be given at the three locations (Seoul, Kigali, and Stockholm) and broadcasted simultaneously. Since this course is co-organized by KI, PhD students and postdocs have a unique opportunity to participate on this international course and get a global perspective on vaccine development and its societal implications.

Sign up here:

Application closes on May 6th.

For more information: check the official website of the course and if you have any questions please contact Laura Palma Medina

We look forward to your participation.

Best Regards,

The IVI course organizers

New Virology course at Smögens Havsbad in August!

The course Molecular Virology and Pathogenesis organized by Johan Nordgren at Linköping University and Linn Persson Berg at University of Gothenburg will be held at Smögens Havsbad 19-21 August 2024 and NDPIA members are invited!

The aim of the course is to provide a broad and in-depth knowledge in the field of Molecular virology, with a special focus on pathogenesis. Senior Swedish and international researchers will give lectures and lead discussions on important virus families and the diseases they cause.

Read more and register

NEW COURSE: AI Applications in Infection Biology

This course introduces participants to AI methods used to predict disease outbreaks, to predict antibiotic resistance of pathogens, to survey pathogens and antibiotic resistance in the environment, to decipher host-pathogen interactions, to aid the development of new antimicrobials and to use AI responsibly.

In addition, three workshops are given that focus on the AlphaFold AI system, SIAMCAT metagenomic data analysis and scientific automation.

When: 20-24 May 2024
Where: Rånäs Slott, Rånäs
Registration deadline: 18 March 2024

Abstract submission deadline: 8 April 2024

Read more and register