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Increased levels of NDPIA co-funding of travel costs!

From January 2016 NDPIA co-funding of travel costs have been raised, see below:

Travel via train/one flight (including return trip)
Up to 1500 SEK 

Travel longer distances (two flights/sleeper train, including return trip)
Up to 2000 SEK 

Everybody who applies (i.e. indicates the need for) for NDPIA co-funding of travel and/or accommodation costs to participate in activities announced at will receive co-funding.

After the activity has taken place the co-funding will be payed to the NDPIA participant's project upon submission of relevant form found at Please read the guidelines thoroughly before filling out and sending the form.

Networking opportunity in Umeå 14 January 2016!

All NDPIA participants are welcome to join UCMR Day 2016 in Umeå 14 January! UCMR is short for Umeå Centre for Microbial Research and is an interdisciplinary research centre established by a consortium of scientists representing medical & molecular microbiology, molecular & structural biology, chemistry & physics, and is devoted to top quality research and novel applications in the fields of microbial pathogenesis.

The annual UCMR Day targets research groups, collaboration partners and researchers with an interest in microbial research and/or infection biology. The UCMR Day features inspiring research presentations and an excellent opportunity for networking and initiation of multidisciplinary collaborations.

All NDPIA members registering to UCMR Day 2016 are expected to present a poster at the meeting. Short talks will be selected among the submitted poster titles!

Link to additional information and registration form

Registration dead-line: 20 December 2015

Apply for NDPIA co-funding of travel and accommodation costs (13-15 January) for participating in the UCMR Day 2016 here.

NDPIA Facebook group!

Please take the opportunity to network with other NDPIA participants via the new closed Facebook group for NDPIA members! The group has been set up by Clara Atterby at Uppsala University and is called: “NDPIA – Forum for young researchers in infections and antibiotics”. Activities announced at will also be promoted via this new forum and the intention is to facilitate networking among NDPIA participants.

Join the group at

Welcome to the second NDPIA Network Meeting with “Microbiota speakers” 11-12 April, 2016 in Gothenburg!

Please take the opportunity to join the second network meeting of NDPIA featuring PhD and postdoc presentations, poster sessions and additional networking opportunities, for the first time with international partners of NDPIA from Germany and Norway. In addition, four invited distinguished speakers will present their exciting research on the topic "Microbiota". The meeting will be held in Gothenburg 11-12 April, 2016.

Link to preliminary program

Link to registration and additional information about the Network Meeting

Awards for the three best posters will be provided in the form of travel grants.

Back to back with the meeting an international vaccine course will be held 13-15 April: "Vaccines for next generation".

The meeting and accommodation 10-12 (15) April is free of charge for programme participants and international partners.

Programme participants are highly encouraged to attend this and future network meetings and to continue to develop our national/international programme.

Deadline for registration: 22 February, 2016. However please register as soon as possible in order to facilitate meeting logistics.

International course “Vaccines for next generation” 13-15 April, 2016 in Gothenburg

"Vaccines for next generation" (1 ECTS) is an international course that will be organized by Professor Nils Lycke at University of Gothenburg 13-15 April, 2016. An overview of the course can be found below. The course will be held directly after the NDPIA Network Meeting 11-12 April.

13 April     General introduction to vaccines
Vaccine formulations: Nanoparticles for better vaccines 
Adjuvants: Toxin-based adjuvants, oil-in-water formulations, edible plants

14 April     Induction of immune responses:
Can knowledge about immune regulation be used for improved vaccine take?

A systems biology perspective on vaccination: What has been learnt from an omics approach?
Systemic vaccines against infectious diseases: How to make a universal influenza vaccine
Dermal vaccines against infectious diseases: A patch full of vaccine

15 April    Memory Development and long term effects:
Can a vaccine's protective efficacy be correlated to memory development?

Mucosal vaccines against infectious diseases: Oral vaccines are a real challenge!
Vaccines against autoimmune diseases: The design of tolerizing vaccines against diabetes and MS

Deadline for registration: 22 February, 2016. However please register as soon as possible in order to facilitate meeting logistics.

Link to additional information about the course.