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Upcoming SciLifeLab courses/workshops spring 2019

The following upcoming SciLifeLab courses are announced via NDPIA with the possibility to apply for co-funding of travel and accommodation costs:

Introduction to bioinformatics using NGS data
Course in Uppsala 190204-08
Course fee 1800 SEK
Application deadline 3 December, 2018

Antibody based technologies
Course in Stockholm 190326-27
Course fee 1100 SEK
Application deadline 14 February, 2019

Additional spring courses funded by SciLifeLab might be announced.

After having been admitted to the course of interest, NDPIA participants can apply for co-funding of travel and accommodation costs (not for co-funding of course fees) via relevant event page at

Information about upcoming courses provided by SciLifeLab can be accessed via

NDPIA Ambassadors appointed!

Aiming to increase regional participation in NDPIA and programme activities, five “NDPIA Ambassadors” have been appointed. The ambassadors will promote NDPIA and activities together with the NDPIA Directors of Studies for their respective region/university.



Naveed Asghar

Örebro University

Stefan Börjesson

National Veterinary Institute (SVA, Uppsala)

Padryk Merkl

KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University

Lena-Mari Tamminen

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU, Uppsala)

Helena Vandesande

Linnaeus University (Kalmar)


Chalmers (Gothenburg)


Malmö University

Appreciated NDPIA workshop and 4th NDPIA/SFM Day 1-2 October 2018

On 1-2 October, NDPIA organised a workshop on English writing and a joint meeting, the 4th NDPIA/SFM Day, together with “Svenska föreningen för mikrobiologi” (SFM) at Hjortviken Konferens, beautifully located at the west coast outside of Gothenburg. Young investigators provided very positive feedback to NDPIA/SFM management with comments like ”excellent workshop, a great poster walk, good networking opportunities” and suggest that similar events should be organised in the future.

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Reminder – registration deadline 3 October for “Live Imaging of Intracellular Infections” in Linköping 181112-16

The NDPIA course “Live Imaging of Intracellular Infections” in Linköping 12-16 November 2018 will provide an in depth understanding of important intracellular, bacterial pathogens inside the host cell and the microbial and cellular factors deciding the outcome of infection. State-of-the art methods and assay development for drug discovery will be covered and the course includes lectures, workshops and practicals with several invited speakers. Participants will be introduced how to use IncuCyte® for high content live imaging of intracellular infections.

Registration deadline: 3 October, 2018

Link to additional information and how to apply/register

PhD student networking opportunity in Germany 6 December 2018

Our international collaborator, the Helmholtz Graduate School for Infection Research (GS-FIRE) in Braunschweig, Germany, is inviting NDPIA PhD students to the GS-FIRE 11th international PhD symposium 6 December 2018 in Braunschweig – the symposium and accommodation in Germany 5-7 December are free of charge.

German PhD students and Master students in Life Science and related disciplines are invited to the symposium. At the symposium participants will present their research either via a poster or via an oral presentation (if selected) and there will be many opportunities for networking.

Registration deadline for NDPIA PhD students – 22 October 2018

The first four NDPIA PhD students who apply to the event will be admitted and can apply for a maximum of 3 500 SEK for NDPIA co-funding of travel costs (see below). Airports in Hannover or Berlin are the best options for reaching Braunschweig.

Admitted NDPIA PhD students are strongly encouraged to promote NDPIA at the symposium (link to NDPIA promotion material) and will be asked to provide a short summary of their learning outcomes for publication at NDPIA web site (link to a previous summary).

If you want to participate in the retreat, please send an e-mail to by 22 October at the latest and you will receive additional information and an abstract form to fill out.

If you are admitted to the retreat, please send an e-mail to to apply for NDPIA co-funding of travel costs to participate in the activity (co-funding will be paid after the retreat has taken place but please send the request upon admittance).