Alternative infection models in Umeå 22-25 August – final schedule available, registration deadline 10 June

As previously announced, this 1 ECTS combined lecture course and experimental workshop on model systems for studying microbial infections will be organized via the Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS) at Umeå University 22-25 August, 2016.

A series of lectures will describe and discuss the use of: C. elegans; zebrafish; chicken embryos; cell cultures, including organotypic models – organoids; mice; as well as in vivo imaging methodology, for studies of infections and host responses. The experimental workshop will include laboratory work demonstrating the use of C. elegans, zebrafish and chicken embryos for studies of bacterial infections.

Link to final schedule

Registration deadline: 10 June, 2016.

Link to additional information and registration
(for both NDPIA and non-NDPIA members)