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New activities and features at

The following new courses have been advertised at

Introduction to Bioinformatics using NGS data
Epigenetic Methods
Introduction to Genome Annotation
Cellular Imaging and Confocal Techniques – Theory
Global Malaria Eradication

Now it is also possible for registered participants to access other participant’s project titles and descriptions together with e-mail addresses via found under "For programme participants" in the main menu to the left.

Molecular Virology Workshop and Symposium on Virology in Smögen, August 17-22, 2015

A workshop entitled “Molecular Virology” will be organized in Smögen, August 2015, preliminary dates 17-19. PhD students are the primary target group, but also postdocs are welcome to participate if there are vacancies.

More information about the workshop will be posted as soon as possible at

The workshop is sponsored by the MIMS affiliated Doctoral Programme in Infections and Antibiotics and therefore programme participants will be prioritized if the workshop is oversubscribed.

In connection to the workshop, the “Smögen Symposium on Virology” will be held, 20-22 August, 2015. Information about the symposium will be posted at (although this page currently contains information on the previous Virology Symposium).

Participants of the MIMS affiliated Doctoral Programme in Infections and Antibiotics will be able to apply for co-funding of travel/accommodation for participating in the symposium by filling out an on-line form to be included at closer to the meeting date.

Workshop in Photomicrography and Image Processing for Science at UmU Jan 13-16 2015!

Now a detailed schedule for the Workshop in Photomicrography and Image Processing for Science is available (link to schedule). The activity will be held January 13-16, 2015, at the Department of Molecular Biology, Umeå University. If you are interested in the workshop, please register as soon as possible via where additional information can be found.

Novel fluorescence-based methods in immunology – symposium and course at KI February 9-13, 2015

The symposium and course include the technique super-resolution fluorescent microscopy, actualized by the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and fluctuation-based fluorescence techniques. Results from nano- to single cell and tissue scale will be presented. The course (including the symposium) renders 2 ECTS and the symposium 0.6 ECTS.

Please note that the symposium and the course are open not only for PhD students but also for postdocs. Furthermore, PhD students in KI collaboration programmes such as the MIMS affiliated Doctoral Programme in Infections and Antibiotics are considered equal to KI PhD students when selecting participants if the activities are oversubscribed.

Dead-line for course registration November 17

Dead-line for symposium registration December 13

Link to more information about the events

Swedish Bioinformatics Advisory Program open for PhD students across Sweden – first application deadline November 17

High-throughput technologies are transforming the demands on scientists in genomics and other medical and biological research fields. As many research groups are in need of large-scale data analyses, there is a need to complement the traditional role of the supervisor with bioinformatics consulting directed towards PhD students. SciLifeLab together with Bioinformatics Infrastructure for Life Sciences (BILS) offers personal bioinformatic advisors for PhD students for up to two years of their PhD studies.

Application deadline: November 17

Confirmation to accepted students: December 19

The program is free of charge.

Link to more information and application form.