International course “Vaccines for next generation” 13-15 April, 2016 in Gothenburg

"Vaccines for next generation" (1 ECTS) is an international course that will be organized by Professor Nils Lycke at University of Gothenburg 13-15 April, 2016. An overview of the course can be found below. The course will be held directly after the NDPIA Network Meeting 11-12 April.

13 April     General introduction to vaccines
Vaccine formulations: Nanoparticles for better vaccines 
Adjuvants: Toxin-based adjuvants, oil-in-water formulations, edible plants

14 April     Induction of immune responses:
Can knowledge about immune regulation be used for improved vaccine take?

A systems biology perspective on vaccination: What has been learnt from an omics approach?
Systemic vaccines against infectious diseases: How to make a universal influenza vaccine
Dermal vaccines against infectious diseases: A patch full of vaccine

15 April    Memory Development and long term effects:
Can a vaccine's protective efficacy be correlated to memory development?

Mucosal vaccines against infectious diseases: Oral vaccines are a real challenge!
Vaccines against autoimmune diseases: The design of tolerizing vaccines against diabetes and MS

Deadline for registration: 22 February, 2016. However please register as soon as possible in order to facilitate meeting logistics.

Link to additional information about the course.