NDPIA course on “Infection and Cancer” 11-12 May at KI

A 2 ECTS NDPIA course on “Infection and Cancer” will be held at the Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology at Karolinska Institutet 11-12 May, 2017. Examples of content:

  • Basic concepts of viral transformation
  • Analysis of the mechanism by which bacterial infections contribute to cancer initiation and progression
  • How chronic or latent infections can promote the acquisition of several hallmarks of cancer
  • Which conditions favor the microbial transforming capacity
  • How these processes can be prevented by prophylactic vaccination
  • Open issues that still need to be solved

The presence of national and international prominent researchers provide a golden opportunity for the participants to strengthen their scientific network.

Link to additional information and registration

Registration deadline 17 March, 2017

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