NDPIA PhD students praise networking at and content of the 2018 HZI Summer School in Germany

The Summer School for Infection Research of the Helmholtz Institute (HZI) for Infection Research took place in Wernigerrode, Germany 27-31 May. NDPIA PhD students Hannes Eichner and Harpa Karadottir (both from Karolinska Institutet) participated together with Fredrik Seijsing (Stockholm University) in the event in order to broaden their scientific knowledge and networks and also to strengthen the bond between the two institutions.

The 4-day summer school included lectures and workshops but also excursions into the surrounding area. Virology, bacteriology and immunology were covered extensively but also how clinics work with infectious diseases.

The summer school was an extremely nice experience for which the HZI organised a very diverse programme. Located in a beautiful small city in Germany we arrived during a hot, summery week. This was perfect for the spare time activities that were planned out for us but

also gave the entire event an even more relaxed atmosphere. Not only was networking with other students easier in that surrounding, it also facilitated connecting with the speakers. The lecturers stayed for several days, came from all over the world and were genuinely interested in the projects we presented. A visit to the German centre of infectious diseases, the Robert Koch Institute, was included in the programme and the insight into its structure was quite impressive. All these activities, paired with regular lectures and seminars, as well as workshops never made the summer school feel boring because of such a huge variety. We can highly recommend future HZI summer school events to other NDPIA members not just because of the valuable insights but also because even the shiest person will feel comfortable here; to talk, to network, to present and to enjoy.

 (Written by Hannes Eichner, Karolinska Institutet)