NDPIA seats at Symposium on Bacterial Membrane Vesicles 15-16 February 2018 in Tromsö, Norway

NDPIA members are invited to participate in the symposium "Bacterial Membrane Vesicles – Function and Implications" 15-16 February, 2018 in Tromsö, Norway. The symposium is offered within the framework of the Norwegian Graduate School in Infection Biology and Antimicrobials (IBA).

Link to information about the symposium

All NDPIA members who want to participate in the symposium are required to submit an abstract to bvm@uit.no and present their research orally (if selected) or at the poster session.
Please use the abstract template found via the link above (under the green registration/application button).

Application and abstrac submission deadline – 15 January 2018
Link to registration/application

NDPIA members are offered free accommodation in Tromsö 14-16 February (via IBA) and NDPIA co-funding of travel costs up to a maximum of SEK 3000.

Questions related to the symposium can be addressed to bvm@uit.no.

If you are admitted to the symposium, please contact Anna Mazzarella (a.v.b.mazzarella@ibv.uio.no) as soon as possible and she will book accommodation for NDPIA members in Tromsö.

For application of NDPIA co-funding of travel costs, please send an e-mail to anna.holmstrom@umu.se after having been admitted to the symposium.