Summary of NDPIA survey spring 2015

During the spring of 2015 a survey aiming at facilitating planning of future activities of the National Doctoral Programme in Infections and Antibiotics (NDPIA) in line with participant’s suggestions was distributed. 25 NDPIA participants (of current 150) undertook the survey and the results are briefly described below.

Personal communication and information via e-mail were the most common ways of learning about NDPIA. Participants joined the programme to attend courses and for networking opportunities. Both thematic and non-thematic future network meetings were considered. A majority of respondents were in favor of discussions in smaller groups, however, to some extent also poster sessions (divided) and short PowerPoint presentations were considered. Both overview and in-depth lectures was requested and there was an interest in speakers discussing synergies between basic and clinical research. A variety of topics/themes for lectures were suggested. A majority of participants reported that it was likely or very likely they should network with other NDPIA participants via social media: LinkedIn > ResearchGate > Facebook > Other (such as,, YouTube channel/video lectures). All planned course/workshop topics were of interest for the respondents, bioinformatics being most popular. Additional topics were suggested.
All but one of the respondents found useful or very useful. A vast majority of participants access the page once a month and/or when they are notified via e-mail.

The opinions on the overall views of the network meeting in Uppsala varied a lot and so did the opinions on the specific networking opportunities and the lectures. The networking opportunities together with the smaller format of the meeting were appreciated although increased time for poster sessions was suggested.

Many thanks to all NDPIA participants who filled out the survey!