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NDPIA is participating at the Infektionsveckan 2019!

We are in Jönköping at “Infektionsveckan 2019” , 14-17 May in Jönköping and showing our poster and announcing our NIB/SFM/NDPIA meeting, which takes place 14-15 October in Aronsborg.

MIMS is also presenting the new Call for the Clinical Research Fellow Programme:

During the Infektionsveckan, on Thursday, 16 May afternoon and Friday, 17 May morning , MIMS director Oliver Billker will be in Jönköping, too.  Are  you participating in Jönköping?  Contact me, Eva-Maria,, if you like to meet with Oliver and learn more about MIMS and Clinical Research Fellows Call.

NEW Information about Course Possibilities!

NDPIA Website is updated! Please check the updated webpages for new courses, which you would like to attend:

Check the webpage  “Links – Additional Doctoral Courses”,
where we have updated the lists with courses where students from other universities are welcome to participate/apply. Note the course “Workshop on Modelling in Biology and Medicine at University of Gothenburg (20190509-20190510)” has deadline for application today, 25th of April 2019″! 

NDPIA has also extended the support possibility for courses organised at Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridge, UK. Link to the currently offered Wellcome courses.  The co-funding procedure is the same as for EMBL courses (Link to the currently offered EMBL courses).

More information about the co-funding procedure, here: 
(Details may only be visible for registered NDPIA members)

Please contact Eva-Maria Diehl, if you have any questions, comments or events /courses which we should share on our NDPIA events webpage.

Congratulations! Kristian Riesbeck – Wallenberg Clinical Scholar 2019

NDPIA Board member Kristian Riesbeck, chief physician and professor at Lund University, is one of the five Wallenberg Clinical Scholars, who each receives research funding worth SEK 15 million over a five-year period, with the potential to extend this for a further five years.

Kristian Riesbeck and his research group are working on the development of vaccines against bacterial infections. The group has studied bacteria which produce vesicles and the structure of these vesicles. With the new funding, the Kristian Riesbeck’s research group will use the knowledge to develop vaccine in artificial vesicles for the application as nasal sprays.

The NDPIA congratulates Kristian Riesbeck to this phantastic funding.

More information about Kristian Riesbeck’s research
More information about the Wallenberg Clinical Scholars programme and the other 4 awardees

Picture: Charlotte Carlberg Bärg, Lund University

RaukR. Advanced R for Bioinformatics. Summer School.

Application deadline: 1 April

RaukR. Advanced R for Bioinformatics. Summer School.

10-20 June 2019. Visby, Gotland, Sweden

During 2 weeks (10-20 June) you will get the opportunity to learn R from internationally renowned R wizzards and senior bioinformatics staff from NBIS/SciLifeLab. We believe that RaukR will take your bioinformatics R analysis and visualization skills to a new level, so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! This year, we are focusing even more on statistics and machine learning!

More information and the link to the registration form:

NDPIA highlighted in the current issue of ”Infektionsläkaren”

“NDPIA creates excellent opportunities for research of highest quality”, the national journal for infection physicians in Sweden states in a quote from the article.

In its the first issue of 2019 the journal Infektionsläkaren published interviews with Fredrik Kahn, NDPIA Director of Studies at Lund University, Lisa Påhlmann, MIMS Clinical Research Fellow and Åke Forsberg, National coordinator for NDPIA .

Both Lisa and Fredrik are physicians working in the infection clinic but are also doing  research. Both have received support from MIMS as MIMS Clinical Research Fellows CRFs). Lisa is one of the two currently supported MIMS CRFs and Fredrik had support for 50 % research time as CRF 2013-2015.

The Article in Infektionsläkaren highlights the high quality of the courses/workshops and network meetings that are organized by National Doctoral Programme in Infections and Antibiotics (NDPIA) and that is open for all PhD students and postdocs in active in infection biology in Sweden. Especially, the course in November 2018 on “Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance” is mentioned where NDPIA presented a programme with world leading international scientists as lecturers. Many of the senior scientists attended the whole course and engaged in discusions with the course partcipants during the poster sessions and social activities.

The article also contains an interview with Helena Bergsten, NDPIA member and physician at the Hospital in Danderyd, who is a part-time PhD student at Karolinska institutet. Helena was one of the 40 PhD students and postdocs who attended the course in November.

Read the article in Infektionsläkaren (pdf-download)

More about the course Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance, 26-30 November 2018.