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Principles of Infection Biology 2022

IBA invites NDPIA members to their Principles of Infection Biology course

When: May 30 – June 3rd, 2022

Where: MH2, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø

This course aims to provide a thorough background in basic concepts of infection biology spanning the disciplines of host-parasite interaction and infections caused by bacteria, eukaryotic microbes and viruses.

International speakers of renown and national experts will deliver lectures on:

  • Fundamental concepts of infection biology and “virulence”
  • Molecular mechanisms of microbial pathogenesis
  • Experimental approaches and modern methodologies
  • Genomic perspectives on pathogen evolution and epidemiology
  • Current and future challenges in infection biology

Suggested ECTS: 2 ECTS. This must be discussed with your univeristy. You will receive a certificate stating the suggested ECTS, your attendance and the workload.

Register by April 23

Submit your abstract by May 2

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International Joint Meeting Infection Biology and Antibiotics 2022

NDPIA members are invited to the International Joint Meeting Infection Biology and Antibiotics 2022, which will take place in Berlin, Germany, from May 2-4, 2022.

The event is a Joint Meeting of:

with funding from the Joachim Herz Foundation.

We will be joined by these external guest speakers:

  • Anna Blom, Medical Protein Chemistry Group, Lund University, Sweden,
  • Juan A. Hermoso, Crystallography and Structural Biology, Inst. Quimica-Fisica “Rocasolano”, CSIC, Spain, and
  • Muriel Gugger, Collection of Cyanobacteria, Institut Pasteur, France

All doctoral researchers from the participating graduate programmes are invited to present their research in talks and posters.

Registration deadline: April 3, 2022.

Date and Time

May 2, 2022 – May 4, 2022


Hotel Holiday Inn Berlin City East, Berlin, Germany

Read more and register on the meeting site

The mosquito-borne pathogens and their vectors course is finally happening!

7 – 10 June, 2022

Minor Groove, Umeå University

The aim of this NDPIA course is to provide an in depth understanding of pathogen-vector interaction and transmission dynamics of mosquito-borne pathogen. It will provide better understanding of mosquitoes as vectors of arboviruses and parasites most of which are zoonotic in nature and affect both humans and animals. The course will include various aspects of the mosquito vector including; ecology, biology, population genetics, competence, capacity and how these factors influence transmission to the susceptible host. The course will also cover vector surveillance, identification, diagnostics, prevention and control, as well as application of high-throughput sequencing platforms in virus discovery.

Suggested ECTS:
1.5 ECTS. This must be discussed with your University. You will receive a certificate stating the suggested ECTS, your attendance and the workload.

Click here to register!

Registration deadline: April 30th, 2022

Invitation to UCMR Distinguished Guests Seminar Series

UCMR invites you to join the following seminar in the scope of the UCMR Distinguished Guests Seminars Series!

March 15 2022, 14:00-15:00, Zoom

Michail Lionakis
National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, NIH, USA
Title of the talk: “Host defense against fungi: From the bench to the bedside

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UCMR Distinguished Guests Seminar Series (DGSS) aim to invite outstanding international scientists to present their excellent work. The seminars are open to all researchers in Sweden. The mission of this programme is to inspire researchers in Umeå and to connect the research environment of UCMR to the world.

More information about the seminar series